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Latest Changes!! Added more Tourneys/battles
Well my move is complete, still not working yet so in my free time I added some things. 
ADDED 7 more tournaments/battles to the 7 that was all ready here before, so 14 total
Low Roll Tournament - 1st place +100 points + 200 gold, 2nd place +50 points +100 gold
Quick Tournament -1st place 50 gold -time,2nd place 20 gold -time
Blind Tournament-1st place 60 gold -time,2nd place 20 gold -time
Gold Tournament-1st place 1000 gold, 2nd place 500 gold
Item Tournament-1st place +10 points to every item, 2nd place +5 points to every item
Royal Tournament-1st place -time , 2nd place-time
DM tournament-1st place -time +1 level, no 2nd place winner
Webpage will show the added tourneys/battles on tournaments page
CHANGED battle recover time to 8 hours
CHANGED tournament recover to 12 hours
ADDED NEW QUEST recover time to 12 hours, so there is a better chance for different people to be included in quests... not the same people who might have just finished. You can see quest recover time from bot when you do /msg idlerpg whoami, want to add to webpage in near future. Going to roll this version out as each one ends, hope everyone enjoys it, if not I still have the very 1st original, currently being played only on quake net, also have the version that is being played everywhere else, nerds, abandoned, efnet, twisted. Will keep all versions just incase.

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